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Employer & Employee Training Grants Available

Are you aware there are state grants available to train your employees? The federal and state governments have allocated funds for training under the Incumbent Worker Training Program. These funds are made available to employers to train their employees to keep our workforce and country competitive in today’s global economy. Some states have maximum grant amounts of $200,000 per employer and statewide total funding of $4,000,000 to $5,000,000 annually.

In general, to be eligible for incumbent worker training funds:

  • The employer must be private sector. Public and government entities are not eligible.
  • Partner with a training provider, which may be public, private non-profit, or private-for-profit educational entities, faith based or community-based organizations.
  • Be actively involved in the planning and design of the customized training project.
  • Sign an agreement outlining each entity’s roles and responsibilities in the training project, including reporting requirements related to trainee participation.
  • Provide equal opportunity employment documentation as well as information on the occupations for training, employment benefits, wages and social security numbers for trainees.
  • Ensure trainee information can be reported one year after project completion.

The Incumbent Worker Training Program can give your organization the opportunity to train your employee in a variety of subjects, enhance you safety and productivity and accomplish this with very little expense incurred on your end.

We at ATS have trained employees for companies who have used this type of funding, and it has been very successful for those organizations.

Please click here for a list of some of the state agencies who administer these programs.

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